Do Sea Urchins Feel Pain? 3 amazing facts about Nervous system

Thinking about sea urchins? An intriguing question came to mind “Do sea urchins feel pain?”. Well, sea urchins do not have pain receptors so they do not feel pain even if they are dying. unlike humans, sea urchins lack a central nervous system and brain. instead, they have a simple network of nerves that spread … Read more

Do Octopus Have Teeth? 7+ Amazing Facts

octopus teeth

Unlike humans octopuses do not have proper teeth, instead, they have strong, parrot-like beaks made of chitin. As octopuses are invertebrates, they do not have bones but they are denticles. They have a radula which is a rough, muscular tongue covered in a tiny structure. the radula acts like a drill to bore into the … Read more

13 Fish with Big Foreheads (with images)

Marine life consists of a variety of organisms. Sometimes we see different creatures on the earth having different forms, shapes, and structures. In marine life, there are millions of different organisms in the ocean having different body shapes and structures. These fish can be small or large, and some of them are also seen in … Read more

Do Shark Eat Jellyfish | Explained?

shark eating jellyfish

Sharks are carnivores means that they can and do eat animals. Elasmobranchs are considered to be carnivores. They were called so because of their plate-like gills. This research shows that whale sharks, similar to bonnethead sharks or shovel heads (belongs to the genus Sphyrna), are omnivorous, they can eat both animals and plants. Sharks do … Read more